Shiv Tandav Stotram Story :-

The story start like this Muni Naarad prompted Raavan to convey Shiva to his Place .Raavan being haughty chosen to remove entire Himalaya and as he lifted it Shiva squeezed his foot thumb which sent Raavan to patala, smashed by load of Shivas thumb he cried in gigantic torment did one RAAV (crying in misery ) his Raavwas so incredible that it trembled three universes, and later it is here when Shiva gave him name Ravan , this name was dearest to Raavan in light of the fact that Shiva gave him this name however even in the wake of applying his full quality Raavan couldn’t make tracks in an opposite direction from its weight. He hung tight for 14 days reciting Shiva mantras requesting absolution than on the night of Pradosha day he recited this Taandav stotra to conciliate Shiva at pradosha kaal he recited it in flawless mood and with gigantic commitment ,seeing such dedication and hearing this incredible stotra Shiva grinned and Mother Goddess having pity on Raavan requested that Shiva free him and henceforth Shiva liberated Raavan and gave him a few shelters being mollified by this stotra .

What’s more, see this female male thing in shiva love does not exists, anyone including shudra ,mlecha, or Ruler Lord or Princess or Priestess or ordinary young lady or ladies or any men or eunuch, ALL CAN, AND Should Love SHIVA, THIS IS SHASTRA AGYA VEDAS DECLARATION, thats why you will locate each and every God or Rishi or any Incredible character of our Shastras has venerated Shiva and built up Shiva sanctuary in there names. The main and essential capability to love Shiva is The DEVOTION, BHAKTI Towards him, than following Shastrokta technique as referenced each lady or man of any awastha (state) jati (cast),social status or work status ,all are permitted to venerate Shiva, yet obviously according to the courses graphed in Shastras. So have no questions all lovers of Shiva and all others additionally should love Shiva according to there adhikar (authorization) in Shastra. Well known Vratas like, Saawan Somwar or Sola Somwar are intended for ladies for the most part where they are intended to love Shiva Shakti throughout the day, So female and guys of any sort or species even Yaksha, Devas Nagas and so forth also can venerate Shiva sing his Stotras with commitment and Shudha Bhawa.

See Shiva has effectively announced to world the equivalent status of people in Sanatana in ShaktiShiva ArdhaNareeshwar Avtaar. So the individuals who encourage generally to Shivas Love or join nonexistent states of any sort or sexual orientation or cast inclination are Against Shiva, implies they are hostile to constructive consequently in the event that you need constructive kalyan favorable than love Shiva without a doubt leave such modest antagonistic individuals they don’t need you to adore Shiva in light of the fact that loving shiva you will turn out to be more savvy and profoundly progressed than them. In any case, think about the great truth of Vedas ,Rishis shastras and Divine beings themselves that Shiva must be revered by all who need positive,beauty genuine everlasting euphoria far from maya must love Shiva.

Look over the sea of shastras it is brimming with Shiva all divine beings and goddesses rishis devas yakshas nagas tantriks ,shaktas ,gandharrwas Siddhas devas and even Asuras boot pishachas pretas pashus creatures of numerous sorts have collectively without a doubt loved shiva and made extraordinary sanctuaries to pronounce there staunch dedication for shiva, few of them broadly are Rameshwaram worked by Slam to announce his being bhakta of shiva, again in Krishna Avtar when Shiva came to play with him at raasa where just ladies may enter, in reality regardless of whether a man enters raas he becomes stree a ladies however Shiva being Param purush remained Shiva so Krishna seen him in camouflage and adored him as God and Ishta of him and all Gopis as GOPESHWAR MAHADEV still in Vrindavan. So have no uncertainty Shiva is loved by all elements who need there great, there is no doubt of male and female by any stretch of the imagination.

In spite of the fact that females can adore Shiva, and serenade his Stotras or Mantras or do Sadhnas and so on, however according to vedas such will not be done when they have there RituKaalam menses, yet mansik mantra jaap aradhan should be possible yet not contacting Vigrah and one all the more thing ladies will exclude pranav in Shiva mantra, and on another point, one school of thought says that ladies will recite Shivay first than Namah, other school says it doesn’t make a difference use both anulom and vilom but both school declare that ladies will skip Pranava. Presently as discussing females let me disclose to you couple of progressively official shastrokta things which will clear couple of different questions if this inquiry emerges at the primary spot at any rate,

Ladies can wear Rudrakhsa of any benevolent any mukha have no questions about it,any number of Rosaries or Dabs they can put on yet after properly charging revering it, and pursue the simple standards which are intended for both genders.

They can and will apply Tripundra of Bhasma or Bhasma blended with chandan in the wake of offering it to Shiva and subsequent to making three parallel lines will put a speck of sindoor in center of temple in the wake of offering it to Mahadevi, Ganpati, Kartik, or draw a Red Vertical Tilak crosswise over three lines making state of agni or to state oval agni, covering three lines vertically. The complexity of Perfect splendid Red before of brilliant celestial white is unadulterated tasteful. In any case few individuals don’t think about it however confront this circumstance, so Bhasma or Bhasma with Chandan can be connected as Tripundra by ladies and put a Red Sindoor Speck or Vertical Tilak coming to upto first Tripundra Rekha white line, To upgrade there Saubhagya, Saundarya, Prasannata and numerous other endless everyday and otherworldly advantages and tremendous punyas one will by wearing Bhasma Tripundra with Sindoor legitimately, similarly by people states Shastra.

They can recite his mantras read and sing his sanskrit stotras there is no obstruction however as stated, bhakti is the principle capability, your dedication will choose your deservance yet make certain Shiva who is Shakti and Shiva as one and as various both must be revered by all ladies, young lady or even napunsak or purusha and the individuals who have commitment can adore Shiva

From what I know, Ravana needed to take Ruler Shiva at his home back in Lanka.

Ruler Shiv detected self image in Ravan. Ravan had inner self over his capacity. Ruler requesting that he attempt.

Ravan tried. Here Master Shiv played a trap. At first he enabled himself to be lifted alongside the mountain.

At the point when Ravan moved his hands, Shiv connected weight, moving his foot down with the intensity of his enormous toe, contacting the ground.

Presently with power connected by Ruler himself, his hand was squeezed underneath the mountain.

Presently he understood his slip-up for being self seeker, being in incredible agony.

He supplicated in such a melodic frame to satisfy his dear God, since he was an incredible researcher.

Ruler being Bholenath, got satisfied effortlessly as usual. He cleared Ravan.

Great answers underneath … including my two paise worth and after that some : Rāvan being the quintessentially control hungry individual looked for more power. On one of his adjusts, the profession specialist provocateur, Nārad, drops by Rāvan’s royal residence and entices him to go look for the favors of Shiv, ‘You should simply awe the Ruler by your strength … ‘ Alcoholic with power and may, Rāvan walks off to Kailāsh and moves the mountain. Shiv feels the tremors as the mountain shakes, ‘Ah, so somebody has irritated my habitation ‘ Maddened, Shiv puts his foot (thumb) on the mountain and Rāvan is covered under it. Bewildered, in agony and outrage, the lord of rākshas roars (RAAvan = the bellower) and can be heard all over …

It so ‘occurs’ that Nārad is ‘cruising by’ once more. Rāvan begs him to safeguard him. ‘All things considered, the master is blameless (‘bhole’ Shankar) and kind … it is anything but difficult to pacify him … sing of his significance and stature and you will be safeguarded … ‘ And Nārad vanishes.

Covered underground, Rāvan rips off his one arm, two heads and extemporizes a Veenā; he utilizes his ligaments as the strings and fingers as the tuning pegs. Accordingly the Rudr Veenā was concocted. On that Veenā Rāvan (composed made) recited the Shivtāndavstotr …

Awed with his devotion, the Ruler discharges Rāvan and inquires as to whether he might want an aid. Rāvan requests everlasting status. Since that is inconceivable for a human, Shiv suggests that he request something unique. Rāvan requests his prān to be held mystery in his body, in his navel. Conceded this, Rāvan comes back to Lankā, more joyful and progressively sure.

First thing that interests to somebody in Shiva Thandava Stotra is the beat. It is extremely cadenced and brings an individual into incredible otherworldly joy. Going to its starting point, some state it is made by Ravana, who is an incredible lover of Ruler Shiva. Whatever might be the inception, when you go inside and search for significance, it conveys an incredible importance and clarifies everything about Ruler Shiva. It shows up for an amateur that the stotra is portraying Shiva’s move and his physical decorations. Be that as it may, it conveys a lot further significance and brings the peruser straight into the most astounding information of the Outright. For whatever length of time that you are perusing for welfare of family and material prosperity, there is no confinement. Doing on Shiva Ratri (night before new moon day) and Pournami (full moon day) is constantly valuable.


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